Walk with the Great King: Understanding Submission and Love (Paperback)

Walk with the Great King: Understanding Submission and Love By Imuetinyan Igbinnosa Cover Image
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Without Christ the King, the universe would be empty. All things in heaven and earth were made through Christ, and for Christ. It is right and fitting for all creation, angels and humans alike, to respectfully submit to Christ the King of Glory. There is nothing or reward in the end for anyone who habitually disrespects the Great King, or who refuse that Christ the King reigns over them. Meeting any monarch here on earth requires some preparations. How much more important it is to prepare to meet God the Sovereign Monarch of the entire Universe The first drama brings understanding of how to "Submit to God" as Scripture says. Follow Old Christian take the inexperienced Young Christian on a journey that begins in the pitch-black pre-creation universe. From there, the journey compares models and systems of submission: Including servant to master, the wife submits to her husband, citizen to government, youth to elder, saint to the church pastor, brethren to brethren, and son to their fathers. Leading to describing the Alabaster flask the Holy Spirit counsels everyone to bring to Christ the King.The second drama takes on a journey to understand the deep love of Christ the King. Look-out for knowledge about how to know God and find His deep love. Discover the profit of knowing how to know God and find His deep love, and discover the identity of the Vehicle to the knowledge of God. Discover the root of love in the universe and divine nature of Christ. At last, find the seven pillars of wisdom, how to test all spirits, and how to pray in Spirit and in truth. Together with exploring the wonder called planet earth, comes understanding the Master's need and pleasure. What a trove of treasures for everyone who own this book. Everyone who walks with the King with submission and love will enjoy abundant live forever. Enjoy.

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ISBN: 9798651672523
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: June 8th, 2020
Pages: 118
Language: English