Brothers and Sisters (Paperback)

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By Theom
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The worlds of the Sacred and of the Profane often are portrayed as separate (where possible) and confrontational (where not). And so it is that we go to great lengths to keep them apart. Yet still there are confrontations which are both deliberate and frightening, meant to seek and expose weakness. Or perhaps engender terror. Such is the story in play form of one such encounter begun as idle artists vent their liberal annoyances and boastings inside the warmth of a friendly tavern during an evening of seemingly harmless banter. From this innocence is born a dangerous act, the scene moving swiftly from the interior of the smoky tavern to within the walled-in safety of a convent garden, coalescing further into a silent and virtually unseen kidnapping. Church versus art, need versus doctrine, terror versus logic; inside the empty walls of a crude and abandoned cabin deep in the woods the scene plays out without any physical contact between the nun and her abductor yet with even greater terror implied by its absence. And when finally freed and alone, untouched yet emotionally torn apart, the terrorized nun is left to find her way back into a world she no longer recognizes, her abductor also surprisingly shaken by the encounter, returns to his world haunted by a shame he cannot escape. Left alone and shorn of the safety and comfort of their previous worlds, each must find the inner strength to rebuild lives from the debris of the previous ones.

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ISBN: 9781986488341
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Publication Date: May 13th, 2018
Pages: 172
Language: English