Courage To Believe (Paperback)

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Cassie had sustained some tough and painful bruises in her past. She now lived her life depending only on herself. She wasn't interested in a love life even though it was knocking on her door. She refused to be hurt again so she focused on building her career and taking care of her son, Dakarai. If that wasn't enough to occupy her mind, she soon discovered that her son had developed an intense relationship with Jesus and she wasn't sure how to deal with it. How did she convince Dakarai that Jesus played no role in his life...that life was what you made of it? Or should she listen to Dakarai's reasoning and give Jesus a chance? Circumstances would soon force Cassie to make a choice.

About the Author

Ms. Avent has always had a passion for the written word. From an early age she was drawn to placing her ideas on paper. Her thoughts turned into plots and characters and stories were born. Although interested in several genres of storytelling, she is especially captivated by the spiritual supernatural. This book reflects her fascination regarding celestial planes of the world beyond. Although born in Cleveland, Ohio she currently resides in California where she continues to speak her heart through her writing.

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ISBN: 9781479366484
ISBN-10: 147936648X
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: February 26th, 2013
Pages: 158
Language: English